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Ed Krakovsky, RFC®, ChFC®,CRPS®

Ed Krakovsky, RFC®, ChFC®,CRPS®

What most people look for in a financial advisor, along with education, experience and honesty, is a professional who really listens. They want someone who understands their needs and concerns, as well as their hopes for the future.

Ed Krakovsky learned how to listen in a most unusual way—teaching deaf children. After receiving a BBA in marketing and a master’s in Education of the Deaf, Ed spent seven years working in the Dallas school system with more than 100 profoundly deaf and moderately to severely disabled 7 to 21 year-olds. Ed helped develop the curriculum that would allow these children to function and succeed to the best of their abilities.

“My experience with these amazing kids taught me patience, compassion and empathy, “ he said. “ I learned how to really listen to what someone says, how they say it and what they communicate through their body language.”

Helping Others Through Financial Planning

Since 1996, after working as an executive recruiter for 15 years (half of those years as a company owner), Ed has been working as an investment advisor representative. He joined Carnegie Wealth Strategies in October 2003. He works primarily with business owners and corporate executives.

Ed’s parents emigrated from Russia and settled in New York City in the 1920’s where they opened up a “mom and pop” grocery store. “As a first generation American, I have a deep appreciation for the entrepreneurial opportunities available in this country, and for the planning and work it takes to succeed. I respect my clients who have taken the risk to make it on their own and I do whatever I can to help make their dreams come true.”

Ed’s work involves creating financial plans that may encompass investments, insurance, estate planning and succession planning. Ed also works with clients who have stock options to maximize this benefit while managing and minimizing the tax impact. “My corporate executive clients are somewhat dependent on their salaries and 401(k) plans for their compensation. By creating a long-term stock option plan, I can help them accumulate wealth they may not know how to access.

“I respect my clients because of their commitment to their employees, their families and their communities. They care about the future and are honest and straightforward about their approach to the financial planning process.” Ed considers himself to be a team player. “To get the job done, I ask tough questions and know when to bring in other professionals, whether it’s someone else from the firm or an outside advisor I trust.”

A Personal Note

Ed is married to Andrea Lewyn, a native Atlantan and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. They have a daughter, Sloan, and a Son, Jake. He enjoys hiking and traveling with his family, gardening, target shooting, woodworking, and fly-fishing.